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Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend !

Ah!Weekend. These fine days. We normally spend our free time to do things and enjoy! During last glorious weekend on 9 May 2010 we hav a date at KLCC afta finishing our last paper on 8 May 2010. Paper QMT 110(statistics) for me and Building services for Hilmi. Sje jek hang out together nk release tension. hehe. X)) We paint the town red, frolicking around klcc, do some window shopping before having lunch at Sushi King. yuupp! dats my fav food but not for Hilmi :( Dye makan 3 ketul sushi jek. then da muak. da takmo da. adeh! terpkselahh kne abesh kn. Our next itinerary for dat day ish to go to TGV. watched a movie from Indonesia named Suster Karamas. Plish do not watch dish movie sbb tah pape tah! Cite nih ade antu sket, komedi sket, 18xxxx pown de sket. mujur lahh kitowg da lps 18taon ;P wut a bad day, salah pilh movie. Uat abesh duet akuh jek. kitowg balek umah in the late evening. opps! before dat I bought one beautiful pinky dress at KL Central. murah jek. RM29 :) We would look forward to another glorifying weekend. *lallalalala

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