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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

looking for new cameera *need suggestion :)

DIGITAL CAMERA! *screaming. yes! i really need it. because skg i da de blog kn. so, i must hav my own camera to bring it all da time. hihhihi. td asking my mom about dat camera. looks like bg greenlight jek. yes, yes! seronok2! nk carik kt lowyat lahh. manyak sket choice. it must be pink! definitely. for sure. must! should! msty. wajib! of coz. pe agy?? lallalalalal so, i da survey camera. tgk2 lahh yg mne cntek. give ur opinion okies :))

about brand i dun really care. as long as oke, ta rosak cept. dats all! but nk antara olympus, sony and canon. ta sabar nyer. tomorrow nk g tempah bju kt taylor in sentul. jaoh tuh. baju rayer. memg da biase temph citu. ske3x! selesa jek pkai. semangat kowt nk rayer. puase ta agy. 4 pasang okies. design xpyh ckp lahh kn. my sis yg design. penin. hopefully jd lahh bju yg kitowg design tuh ek. jgn jd len sudeyh ;) about da colours plaks, dish year i would choose red (family's theme), 2 pink and green. as ussual lahh kn. pink must have. kikkkikiki.

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