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Thursday, July 15, 2010

blue bear *muahx!

now we already have our own celcom Broadband. yes! bleyh online sokmo lahh pasni.kuikui! especially faceook lahh. But we r not fb's addicted okies. biase2 sahajee. i'll becoming da blogger's addicted. hik3! we have decided to share together dat broadbnd. sharing ish caring LOL ;)) bawu jek register aritu kt foyer library. registration payment = RM100 and RM48 per month. oke wut? :) kitowg beli world cup brdband. Then dpt freegift;BLUEBEAR. syg si biru sgt3!

my pinky lappy and broadbnd now dok ngn Hilmi. dok elok2 yer. jangan nakal2 taw. dgr ckp Hilmi. aritu bwu jek format my lappy kuhh syg. bwu sembuh. actually dye ta saket pape. just too slow jek. then change window vista to window 7. picture2 and all song in my lappy sume da ilang. so, Hilmi mau tlg sayer letak lgu manyak2. heee. 

syg, i nk da latest song only. lgu2 retro zmn dlu2 i ta lyn taw. HIHHihIhI!syg, copy skali movie karate kid. nk3! my fwen ckp besh. about my biology's project plaks, on da way hardly completing da first proposal. Date line tok submit dat proposal ish tomorrow; 16/07/2010 which ish tomorrow.WUT? tomorrow? yes. i repeat, tomorrow. grrr! Mati ckup3 oke. mlm nih ta dapt tdo lahh. ta dpt nk gayot2 :( 

My project's title ish "EFFECT OF DIFFERENT MOUTHWASHES ON DENTAL (DENTISTRY). scope of project: Microbiology :) i'll play wif da bacteria in mouth. HUhuhUhu! 80% completed. 20% remaining will be completed soon. Japgi kne bertungkus lumus ciapkn lahh. adeh! syg, plish bg b pinjam broadbnd as soon as possible! WIFI UITMJENGKASTUDENT network connection to internet very very very slow motion. ta buleyh tok bersabar agy. chaw chin chaw!

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