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Monday, July 26, 2010

smile at camera! *cheese

The little pinky rabbit

why "the little pinky rabbit"? dish ish bcoz my sis ckp gg sayer gg arnab. sadesh tol. its oke. gg arnab pown, Hilmi tetp syg kn? hik3! dish ish da time to menggediks-gediks depn camera. snap class pic. rakyat-rakyat ASD5SD ;). u rawk guys. happening gegyle lahh weyh. love you guys.hope we'll stick together until graduate.we all gurlz okies. dun be jelous. no men no cry. haha. memndai jek ak nih doe. snap pic on friday;23 July 2010;9.00a.m sayer order set combo which included formal+candid then free calendar! wow! ta sba nk tgk pic LOL. spe yg dtg lmbt tuh, next time jgn lahh uat dah. sayer ckp kt owg2 tertentu keyh. da kate sharp, so, kne lahh on time. owg len de our own routine. so, dun be selfish. think about others gaks.r u ready now?! lets enjoy.sile lahh mengUsha classmates sayer yg comey lotey nih :))

the formal one but at da back showed informal.

candid <3 *peace

really love dish pic. geng kamcing LOL.

wif my bestie; ziha :)

giant coat on my body >.<

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