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Thursday, November 11, 2010

final exam OVER!*da moment dat we r waiting for.

hilmi's slip examination :)

my slip examination :)
slip MUET. .wish me luck on dish saturday morning!

finally. .my final exam end. .can throw away my examination slip into dustbin. .weee~but ta bleyh balek agy. .on 13/11/2010 Hilmi and i hav to attend MUET's exam. .listening, reading and writing. .speaking was held on 13-14oct at fast track's building. .cuak gyle babeng lahh mse ni speaking nih. .sakett pewot sbb tatau group ngn sape. .im candidate c. .1 gruop plaks ngn membe Hilmi. .eyo ngn ZulHilmi. .we 're doing great. .:) thanks God for blessing me. .we hav our target on MUET. .so, hopefully we can achieve our target on MUET. .inyaAllah :) wif Allah's permission. .im shoo jelous tgk sume owg balek malam td. .angkat2 barang bwk twun. .dish morning agy rmai parents dtg amek ank dowg. badly,the im still here. .grrrrr! waiting for 2 days. .thenn cabuuuut. .today, i would like to give a big thank to all my lecturer. .Prof Supi;teaches BIO310. .plrof, plish give me markah kecian dun marking too strict. .prof ensem sgt =) Miss Lailatul Wahidah teaches BIO300. .thanks miss because helped me in my project. .Sir Shaari. .my fav  now and always. .lecturer plaing besh dlm dunia nih. .give me A plish in CHM301 can i? >.< lastly Madam Siti Nur Baya. .teaches me for CSC317. .soooryyy miss. .Computer science not my field. .i cant answer the partc question properly. .my coding da bercampur baur dah. .im sooory because not give 100% attention during lesson. .im not into the coding lahh madam. .heeeee. .but im trying my besh on final exam, ,i want to announce dat session july-nov end. .*see you next semester okay. .Now, waiting for the result. .give an effort. .tawakal and raise hand and make a DOA. .dearAllah plish bless me. :) .

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