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Sunday, November 28, 2010

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i felt really disappointed and sad. .the main purpose i made a couple blog wif my boifwen not for showing off or wut. .tade niat lgssuuuung. .sooorrry if there are certain people think we want to show off our relationship to public. .we just want to have a fun by blogging. .share our happinest wif others especially my fwens. .but unfortunately people out there think negatively about us. .i 'll accept all of ur opinions or wut. .there are many people showing too much about their boifwens. .picture pegang2 tgn. .npe ta g nasihat mereka jugaks?its normal if sumone ish in love want to show their love to their partner by writting a sweet sentences or wut. .is dat too much for you?but nevermind. .im a person dat have nothing but i have a heart. .my heart ish fragile :(. .if you continue to blame us and ckp kami kecooohh nk cite psl our relationship. .okaaayyy my boifwen and i 'll discuss to close account for DEARADANFARA BLOGSPOT in order to make people HAPPY. .
thank you to all my fwens and followers for your supported !we are really do appreaciate it. .to people yg bg opinions or advices. .thank you. .hope u guys happy afta dish blog ish canceled. .

enough said.

6 LOVE letter(s) from secret admirer:

*IkA* said...

juz ignore wut others say,,it's not worth to close ur blog acc juz becoz of one's big mouth,,dey dun hav rite to talk rubbish bout u,,btw i njoy reading ur blog,,pliz continue it k=))

HilmiFarhana said...

ika; thank you shoo much :) down gyle sgt td smpai tulih post merapu2. .*terharu. at least i hav a fwen like you to giv a support for me :)

hamba allah said...

you don't have to feel this way dear. i don't have any attention to hurt your feeling or to interfere your happy life. waste my time only~ this is not about hasad dengki or something like u said. yeah. u r right in everything u said. i know u want to win. just do it as ur fwens said, IGNORE IT. because this is only FWENLY ADVICES. geez. don't have to delete this blog. just do it as you want to, because it yours.

HilmiFarhana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yatie's EPISODE said...

jgn ttup blog awk, awk teruskan sahaja ok. (:
nice blog. ((:
apa dorg nak cakap, cakap lah.
dah penat, dorg akan senyap.
be strong dear. (:

elmajamil_90 said...

farhana long time no see =) jgn closed k blog bru nk follow ni =) dis is one way u can keep ur love story smpi ank cucu k.. keep it..xmau2 closed ke shutdown ke delte ke n yg saktu dgnyer k?/