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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awards for todaaaay :))

Assalamualaikom peeps! today i got 2 awards :) yeayeyaey! the first award from the cutiey syakirah samad . .the second award 'll be show on the next entry. .keep waiting! thanks sha. .i really do appreciated it. .thank you shoo much. .let's follow me to aswer all the question given. ,lets check it out!

1. Make a cute thanks and wishes to the person who gav you this award

dearest cutiey Syakirah Samad :) i would like to give a big THANK to you for giving me such a nice & awesome award to me. .sukeeee sgt :) its really nice. .walaupown DEAREST;nashina Rika BLOG nih takde laah nk bape beutifulkn. .*hikhik.wut i want you to noe ish, you r the most nice bloogger fwen i ever had. .baaaeeek sgt3! ;) Hope, we can be not only as a blogger/fb fwen but also fwens in reality. .once again, thaaaank you shooo much Syakirah samad. .*cukuuup SWEET ta? :D

2. Spread the awrd to 15 bloggers whom you think their blog are totally awesome

♥ieqa adam
♥farah farhana
♥fatin nabiha
♥nia lisa
♥elma syuhaida
♥fatin hanani
♥yasmin amirah
♥zati & lappy
♥rozlyn farah diana
♥aishah sha
♥nur amalia

sape-sape yg nk dish AWARD kene laaah byr dlu keyhh. .*hihhi. .takkn nk ameek free jek :P takde laah , ameeek jek, freee okaay, but kne aanswer a few questions dlu okeeey. .selamat menjawab :)

3. Tell 7 interesting truths about yourself

♥i'll be a really GOOD fwen if you treat me nicely :)

♥u can trust me because im not a backstabber. .*trustworthy

♥sayer seorang yg SETIA in relationship & also fwenship. .yessh! ta cye ke?

♥my heart ish taken by MR SUNSHINE for almost 11months *ahaks. .all i need ish HIM. .every single moment. .

♥i love to being myself. .wut i am saying, talking,wearing,doing are totally, deeply,truly ME, only me NUR FARHANA BT HARUN. .dats me !

♥i have such an amazing family. .do you beelive dat?

♥im a pure science student & i would like to further my studies in biology/chemistry fields. .because biology & chemistry are my soul

*soorry kaluu ayat tah pape. .now 5.00a.m *bluur

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